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BREAK the isolation of our SENIIORS

Be honest

The isolation of the elderly is a long way from the top 3 causes that mobilise people. Growing old is frightening. Raising the alarm is necessary, but enough to mobilise people and stop the scourge.

Be ambitious

Let's make ageing a project for the future.

Be original

Growing old concerns us all.


Top/Com - Gold | PHNX Awards - Bronze | La Nuit des Rois - Gold & Coup de Coeur | Deauville Green Awards - Silver | Act Responsible - Top 5 socially responsible campaign 2022 | Care Awards - Shortlist | Com-Ent - Gold, public interest campaign | TOPCOM Corporate Business - Silver, public interest campaign | Grand Prix Stratégies Digitales - GOLD

Presidential campaign

The idea: #aginghasafuture.

Between the two rounds of the presidential campaign.

Response to hateful tweets about the elderly, tracing the history of the presidential campaign between the two rounds.

Campaign on the intimate and sexual life of people over 60.

The idea "Don't reduce our elders to our cliches".

Epica Awards - shortlist

Case "Don't reduce elders to our clichés"



Campaign October 1st, 2020.

The idea: the last quarter.